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Liviva's story began in 2003 when founder, Laura, learned of her diagnosis of gestational diabetes during pregnancy. This was devastating news as she has always been very health minded, and well-read in the areas of health of wellness. The only medical solution provided to this mother-to-be for her condition was insulin injections. By adopting a diet low in carbohydrates and ketogenics, Laura was able to bring down her glucose throughout her pregnancy. Since then, Laura has helped many people with diabetes by teaching them how to eat low carb and lower their blood sugar, and ultimately to work towards removing medication from their life. It is through this personal journey that Liviva Foods was born, filling a need for great tasting food products that are plant-based, high protein, fiber rich, and low in carbohydrates.


Liviva initially approached Designsteins seeking a style guide that would assist the brand in packaging and web development. After working closely on this objective, we were additionally asked to assist Livia with mockups, shelf ready packaging, standees and other sales items.


Create a style guide that worked alongside existing logo and basic themes. Create new packaging models that reflect new style guide. Develop content for online presence and sales materials - comparison charts, photography, sales sheets, etc.


Within 3 weeks Liviva possessed new packaging and sales materials that reported huge success with new clients.